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1056 pcs of tram pilotmotor accelerator controllers of ERPM series for vehicles T3 and K2

2331 pcs of tram mechanical brakes regulators of ERB series in various modifications, include delivery of 555 pcs for Manila city
2789 pcs of rear-view mirror trapezes type HZZ-1 and HZZ-2 in various modifications for different tram foreheads

109 pcs of digital announcing system of DHT series for trolleybuses manufactured in already closed factory Škoda-Ostrov

584 pcs of digital announcing system of DHT-M series for Prague Metro original russian cars as well as modernized cars and also delivery for new Siemens cars

98 pcs of sets of acoustic information and communication systems type DHS for train units EMJ 471 (Elephant City) and EMJ 475 in Lithuania
Within 20 years we have developed and sold:

1859 pcs of door systems type DPJ-3 for folding wings doors and 95 pcs of type DPJ-4 for outside folding wings doors 462 pcs of console heaters 0,6 kW type K1B for tram KT8N5 modernizations

1752 pcs of console heaters 1,2 kW type K2B for modernizations of KT8N5 and for new cars 15T ForCity 647 pcs of heat modules 1,2 kW type MF and MG for new cars 15T ForCity

486 pcs of converters for heating output control of SMTP series from 6 kW to 8 kW for trams type ASTRA, Anitra, KT8N5, 13T,14T, 16T 782 pcs of converters from 24V DC to 3x 18V AC type 3FM24V for ventilator propulsion in tram caloriferes especially for T3 and Vario cars modernizations

889 pcs of control units type URJ, ASREG for heating, ventilation, cooling and diagnostics management 92 pcs of air-conditioning containers for drivers cocpit designed for modernizations of KT8N5 cars in Prague city

310 pcs of diagnostics panels for driver type Diagpan designed for modernizations of KT8N5 in Prague and GT6E21 in Vienna and for SLB trains and Solaris trolleybuses in Salzburg

381 pcs of ventilation and heating containers type KTV designed for new cars 15T ForCity and modernization of suburban trains SLB in Salzburg 221 pcs of input units for diagnostics type Diagin for modernizations trams type KT8N5 in Prague and GT6V21 in Vienna

504 pcs of ZROH-MP units for regulator GC56P of traction engine with engine temperature calculation utilized in T6 and KT8 cars



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